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Looking for an automatic door operator that is both aesthetically pleasing and innovative? Look no further than the Ditec HA7! This slim operator is designed to seamlessly fit into most standard door frames, and can even be installed in areas where standard operators wouldn't be able to go. Plus, its quick installation and mobile app set-up make it the perfect choice for offices, restrooms, and assisted living facilities. With the Ditec HA7, you'll get the best of both worlds - style and substance!




  • The slim header is integrated into the door frame and blends in well.
  • Perfect for retrofit applications



  • Quick Installation
  • Easy mobile app set-up
  • No electrician required; 120 vac outlet compatible


Innovative Features

  • Partial Open/Parking
  • Hold Open
  • Privacy Function/Time-Delay Cancellation
  • Ratchet (activate one to open; activate again to close)
  • Push and Go
  • Power Assist
  • Set-Up and Control with App


Built In Safety Features

  • Stop on Stall
  • Reverse on Obstruction



Choose from:

  • Push or Pull Arms
  • Left or Right Hand Applications
  • Clear Coat or Dark Bronze Finish


To download the Ditec HA-8 low profile info sheet click HERE

Ditec Entrematic - HA7 - Slim Swing Door Operator

  • Low energy (Voltage) door operators can be opened both manually or through the use of an external device such as push button, remote, or wave sensor.

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