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Bicycle Room

In recent years, automatic door openers have become increasingly popular in buildings, businesses, entrance doors, and even in bicycle rooms. They provide a convenient and easy way to access the bicycle room when lifting equipment and bicycles, which makes them an attractive feature for any facility with lots of cyclists.


In Vancouver, municipal bylaws require many public bicycle Spaces to be accessible and to have automatic door openers. These regulations serve to make it easier and safer for cyclists as they enter and exit the bike rooms, ensuring that no harm is done to individuals as well to the building and the facilities.









To ensure compliance with regulations, it is essential to employ an AAADM certified technician for the installation of automatic door openers. This can be done through motion sensors, accessible push buttons or even touchless buttons - regardless of the method chosen!


Overall, the combination of regulations and advances in technology has enabled bicycle riders to access the bicycle rooms with ease. With an automatic door opener, cyclists can pull their bikes out without having to worry about fumbling with keys or struggling with heavy doors. This makes cycling safer, more convenient, and ultimately more enjoyable!


Automatic door openers are a great way to improve accessibility in bicycle rooms and ensure that all cyclists have easy access to these facilities. Not only do they provide convenience but they also ensure compliance with Vancouver's municipal bylaws and the BC Building code by helping keep cyclists safe.

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Our accessible solutions are designed and tested to meet the highest code requirements and high foot traffic. In addition our door openers are ADA compliant. All our products come with a 3-year warranty for parts and labor.



While visiting the school, Students, staff and visitors should be and feel safe. Automatic doors are the perfect solution for every entrance and building in an educational environment.



Browse our selection of ADA-compliant automatic door operators for easy access to any building. Eliminate contact points by adding a touchless solution such as wave to open button for contactless access.

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