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Quality Redefined

Twelve years ago, a company was born with one singular mission: supporting an accessible world and providing friendly, professional, secure, and convenient services. Today the company stands strong and its mission is still strong in its heart.


Push to Open Doors takes pride in the knowledge that it continues to serve its clients with its core values intact.


Providing premium solutions in installing, maintaining, and repairing automatic doors, it has established itself as the company to beat. At Push to Open doors, we have realized the efficiency and convenience that automatic doors provide their users. Hence, we have made it our objective to ensure that anyone who needs it, has easy access to budget-friendly, and seamless automatic door installation, maintenance, and repair services.


Furthermore, we offer a wide array of other services such as intercom and camera security installation services that will ensure the security and accessibility of any building.

With our team of highly qualified AAADM certified technicians, we ensure that our clients get only the best, from top-quality products to stellar engineers. Thus, if you are wondering, which automatic doors would suit you best or which automation access solutions would work best for you? Then contact Push to Open Doors immediately and get the services you need.

We assure you we will help make doors open for you!

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