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Key Fob Access Control Integration

Did you know that key fob access control integration is a very simple integration process and that most buildings have their security systems, access control systems, and Key Fob's directly connected to the automatic door opener?

That's right - automatic doors can be easily integrated with key fobs, access control systems, and security systems, all working simultaneously. This means that you can have complete control over who has access to your building, and when they have access.

Installing the automatic door operator can be done before, during, or after the security system is in place and the integration can be done at any time. The combination of both is a great idea and often provides the best security for a building.

The majority of the functions can be configured. including the time frame of the door opening, opening speed, Fob-only access, or a requirement to use the push button in addition to using the Fob, the opening of the main door, or additional doors. Almost every part of the automatic door opener can be configured to best suit your needs.

If you have a need for security and are looking for an easy way to add it to your building, contact us today. We would be happy to help you determine the best solution for your particular situation.

An extra layer of security to your building is always a great idea, and automatic doors to allow accessibility is a highly recommended feature these days. Key fob access control integration is the perfect solution for both scenarios.

There are many benefits to key fob access control integration, including:

  • Improved security: By integrating your automatic door opener with a key fob/access control system, you can be sure that only authorized personnel has access to your building. This can help to deter crime and improve the overall security of your property. Many customers are wondering if the door remains open after being open automatically - the answer is no. The door will open and shut automatically for several seconds (The opening period can be programmed and changed anytime) and shut back to close, all automatically. Having an automatic door is a great tool to enhance security and make sure that the door will always be closed after opening.


  • Convenience: Key fob access control systems are very convenient for both tenants, employees, and employers. Employees can easily enter and exit the building without having to remember a key or an access code, and employers can track employee entry and exit times. The integration with automatic door openers makes it even more convenient, holding the key fob up to the system will open the door automatically without the need to press any additional button. The Key Fob trigger the door operator to open the door instead of pressing the handicap push button.


  • Better control: Sometime during move-out, move-in, service company visits, delivery of heavy items, or large delivery it is easier to keep the door open for a few minutes or even hours. This way, everyone can enter and exit without the need to fumble for keys or access codes, fight the door to remain open, or constantly open the door. The integration with automatic door openers gives you complete control over who has access to your building and when they have access. You can also program the door to remain open for a certain period of time during rush hour, large delivery or move-in/out.


  • Cost savings: Integration of automatic doors with a key fob/access control system can also help to save you money. there are many government grants for installing products that support accessibility and energy-efficient products at your home or business. Additionally, you may be able to reduce your insurance premiums by installing an automatic door opener alongside an access control or security system.


If you are looking for a way to improve the security and convenience of your building, key fob access control integration is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you integrate your automatic door opener with a key fob/access control system.

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