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Golden Bakery concealed auto door entrance

The Golden Horn Bakery

Meeting the Challenge at The Golden Horn Turkish Bakery & Cafe


We recently fitted a concealed automatic door opener for The Golden Horn Turkish Bakery & Cafe in Vancouver. For this project, the Push to Open Doors team designed and implemented a configuration that properly worked within the limited space the existing door was situated in. The result is a seamlessly-integrated solution that improves the cafe’s customer experience and also matches the place’s aesthetics.


The Golden Horn Turkish Bakery & Cafe is located at 2857 Cambie St. in Vancouver. The bakery serves traditional Turkish pastries such as baklavas (Amazing!!!) and boreks along with coffee and other beverages. The cafe provides ample seating for 75 to 100 persons.


The café needed to automate its existing swing door that currently serves as the main entry and exit point for customers. As such, they were very particular about how the opener system should be hidden from view in order to retain the place’s overall look and feel.

They also required the project timeline

to be as minimally disruptive to store

operations as possible. Moreover, during

the inspection stage, the Push to Open

Doors team determined that there

wasn’t enough clearing between the

door header and the ceiling for the

power door case to be properly housed.


The team literally had to think outside the box during the planning and execution phases of the project. Because of insufficient room for the automatic door operator to be mounted above the header, our design involved placing the bulk of the hardware within the ceiling itself.


To create enough space in the ceiling to house the controller, we needed to work through inches of plywood and metal components. Once the door operator was securely in place, we then closed off the compartment while leaving strategically openings through which the door closer arm and wirings connect to the door. After that, we carefully calibrated the sensors, control logic and the push buttons to ensure the system activates and operates properly. And we did all this without affecting the cafe’s normal business operations.

Pay a visit to the Cafe to see our concealed automatic door opener in action and enjoy a tasty Turkish pastries, baklavas and great Turkish coffee !!

Golden Bakery concealed automatic door arm
Golden Bakery handicap push button
Golden Bakery concealed auto door entrance
Auto door in Vancouver
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