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When "collaborate with and respect you, and equip you with the grit, humility, and justified self-confidence to pursue what delights you" is your commitment to your students its shows that respect is an integral part of your organization.

And by installing an automatic door opener in their new building is just another way that the Vancouver Independent School for Science shows they mean it.

The new automatic door opener installed in their new facility is one more way to make the school accessible for everyone.

With this new door opener, students with disabilities will have an easier time getting into the school and participating in activities. This is just one of the many ways that VISST is working to make sure that all students have equal access to education.

Installation of the Door Operator

We attended the VISST new school facility site to meet with our client. The school required their 2 washroom facilities to be equipped with automatic swing doors so that all of its students can easily access them without having any problems or obstacles, which is why we installed the Ditec HA-8 operator on both doors, pulling them inside when someone pushes the nearby button.

With an automatic solution, students will be able to enjoy easy access to the washroom at their convenience with just one click of a button. The customer also wanted a system that looked good so it won't distract from the building's aesthetics which was achieved by installing a sleek and modern swing door operator on the inside.

The light silver aluminum operator makes it perfect for matching the color scheme of the room. The doors can swing inside only to maximize space in the hallway! They're very simple to operate and allow for automatic or manual operation instead.

The advantages are clear: maximize space; create great accessibility

Thank you VISST for choosing us to help you with your automatic door opener needs. We are proud to be able to work with such an inclusive organization that is committed to making sure all students have the opportunity to succeed.

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