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New Metro Projects in Romania: Pioneering Urban Mobility and Connectivity

Push To Open Doors

Jun 6, 2024

Romania is taking significant strides in expanding its metro infrastructure

With two transformative projects currently underway, set to revolutionize urban transit and connectivity.

The first major endeavor is the new metro route connecting Gara de Nord 2 to Progresul, spanning 14 strategically placed stations. This route will feature state-of-the-art fire safety measures and be designed to ensure easy accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, innovative passenger protection systems, including glass panels and automatic doors, will be installed. Authorities are confident in completing this comprehensive project within 60 months, bringing a new era of safe and accessible metro travel to Romania.

Simultaneously, the ambitious M6 line project aims to connect the city to the airport, featuring six stations over a 6.6 km stretch. With an estimated value of EUR 1.86 billion, the Alsim Alarko-Makyol Association is spearheading the construction of all stations in the first section. Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are set to begin operations by August-September 2024. Kickstarted in December 2023, this project is projected to finish within 39 months. For the second section, extending from Băneasa to Otopeni Airport, Gulermak (Turkey) is expected to submit the technical project this autumn.

Metrorex, the company overseeing these groundbreaking metro developments, forecasts that the M6 route from North Railway Station to Otopeni will be operational by 2027. However, completion of tenders for the remaining finishes, architecture, and installations has faced delays. Despite utilizing Resilience funds, the Ministry of Transport still needs to allocate RON 1.5 billion to bring this visionary project to fruition.

These metro projects are set to redefine urban mobility in Romania, offering enhanced connectivity, safety, and accessibility by adding automatic doors to the metro platform. Stay tuned for more updates as we advance towards a more connected and efficient future!

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