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Australia's Ballarat Station Accessibility Upgrade Moving Forward

Push To Open Doors

Mar 20, 2023

State-of-the-Art Accessibility Improvements

Australia's Ballarat Station Accessibility Upgrade Moving Forward

The Victorian Government has committed $50 million to upgrade Ballarat Station to improve accessibility, safety, and connectivity for all public transport users while maintaining the heritage of the station buildings. This substantial investment aims to transform one of Victoria's most cherished train stations into a more inclusive and efficient transport hub.

Key Highlights of the Ballarat Station Upgrade Project

State-of-the-Art Accessibility Improvements

We are building an accessible pedestrian overpass, equipped with a passenger lift and stairs to each platform. This initiative will ensure that people with disabilities, those carrying luggage, or pushing a pram will no longer need to detour via the Lydiard Street level crossing to move between platforms. Additionally, access to the existing northern station entrance will be enhanced with a new ramp, handrails, stairs, and automatic sliding doors.

Safety Enhancements

Platform lighting and tactile ground markers will be upgraded. These markers, designed to assist people who are blind or have low vision, will enhance navigation throughout the station. The improved lighting will further ensure safer transit for all commuters.

Maintaining Heritage Integrity

While modernizing the station's infrastructure, the project will carefully preserve its historical essence. Ballarat Station, built in 1864, is included in the Victorian Heritage Register. The upgrades are designed to complement the existing architecture and heritage value, with minimal impact on the heritage-listed structures.

Community and Commuter Benefits

  • Improved Accessibility: Enhanced mobility for individuals with disabilities and those traveling with luggage or prams.

  • Better Connectivity: Seamless movement between station platforms and other precinct destinations.

  • Minimal Disruption: Off-site construction of the overpass and lifts will limit disruptions to commuters and nearby businesses.

  • Enhanced Safety: Upgraded lighting and tactile markers for better navigation.

  • Complementary Upgrades: The project builds on recent investments, including the lowering of tracks, installation of automatic doors, and accessible parking.

How the Design Was Determined

The Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) conducted extensive technical investigations and design work to develop the best solution for Ballarat Station. This involved considering site constraints, accessibility requirements, heritage value, and the existing architecture.

Recent Accessibility Improvements

The commitment to accessibility is evident from recent enhancements in the station precinct, including:

  • Lowering of tracks to reduce level differences between the platform and trains.

  • Installation of an automatic door at the café entrance on Platform 1.

  • Accessible parking upgrades and the addition of a push-button door to the accessible toilet.

Investing in Ballarat’s Transport Infrastructure

The $50 million Ballarat Station Upgrade builds upon previous investments in the region's transport infrastructure:

  • $600M Ballarat Line Upgrade: Completed in early 2021, this upgrade brought 135 extra weekly services, benefiting Ballarat and surrounding communities.

  • $28.3M Ballarat Station Precinct Redevelopment: Focused on enhancing the broader station precinct.

  • $22.4M Ballarat Station Bus Interchange: Improved the connectivity of bus services with the train station.

These investments illustrate the Victorian Government's commitment to improving Ballarat’s transport infrastructure, ensuring the station remains a vital link on Victoria’s modern transport network.

By investing in accessibility and modernizing their historic infrastructure, the Ballarat Station are making strides towards a more inclusive and connected future for all travelers.

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