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Education Facilities

Whether a daycare, school, university, or any other educational facility, it is always a priority to provide barrier-free, safe, and secure access to all students, staff, and visitors and comply with local and federal regulations. 

At Push To Open Doors, we understand the unique requirements for accessible entryways. Educational facilities must provide a smooth experience to everyone including people with disabilities. We use trusted door operator brands that are built to last heavy use with a large number of foot traffic. With our large selection of automatic doors and access control systems we allow customers to choose their unique solution that meets their needs. Our operators can be installed during the initial construction phase or later for existing facilities. 


Our long-standing commitment to installing and maintaining accessible, secure and user-friendly pathways for educational facilities is second to none. 


The following products are part of our educational market portfolio :

  • Swing door opener 

  • Automatic sliding doors

  • Automatic revolving doors

  • ​School access control

  • ​Card reader locks

  • ​Dorms and residence mobile access

Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our services and range of automatic door openers and access control solutions in your educational facility.

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Our accessible solutions are designed and tested to meet the highest code requirements and high foot traffic. In addition our door openers are ADA compliant. All our products come with a 3-year warranty for parts and labor.



While visiting the school, Students, staff and visitors should be and feel safe. Automatic doors are the perfect solution for every entrance and building in an educational environment.



Browse our selection of ADA-compliant automatic door operators for easy access to any building. Eliminate contact points by adding a touchless solution such as wave to open button for contactless access.

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